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Inspiration for our beer comes from ancient-times. Beer is one of the oldest drinks on earth, as it is known to have been brewed seven thousand years ago. Our interest in this delicious drink does not go far in advance. Lielvārde Beer brand was inspired by the renaissance of beer, which began in Latvia in the seventeenth century. Commercial pubs developed rapidly in pubs and estates and local brewers became home brewers. They learned new skills and shared experiences with brewers from other lands. And at that time, they were making ale, not lager. Lielvārde beer is a tribute to centuries of polished craftsmanship and delicious living.


Brewing methods

We are ale enthusiasts and masters of making it. We like this popular ancient times type of beer because of its full taste and ancient traditions of making.

Best ingredients

In order for Lielvārde ale to taste excellent, we always use carefully selected malt, delicious water and a suitable variety of hops for each ale.

Top fermentation

Lielvārdes ale is made using the method of the top-fermentation. It makes a thick
foam “hat” on the beer surface, giving the beer a fuller flavor and a richer aroma.

Fresh beer

In order to always keep Lielvārde beer fresh, we make it in small quantities. After the maturing of Lielvārde beer, it is bottled and goes straight to shops, bars and restaurants, for people who like delicious beer.

Seasonal beer

In order to make Lielvārdes beer always interesting, we create special seasonal ales every year. We choose the seasonal taste of Lielvārde beer in cooperation with the members of Lielvārde beer culture club, because it is important for us to brew an ale
that tastes great for all of us.